Programs for the school:

Academics Academics - Students from grades 7-9 work on all core subjects including Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. Options include Art, Multimedia, Outdoor Ed, Home Ec and Industrial Arts


Art- Students learn a variety of skills including painting, drawing and photography in a 90 minute class Thursdays.    

Multimedia - Introduction to website design, blogging, animation and audio editing. 

Outdoor Ed- Student learn and develop an appreciation for the outdoors through activities such as canoeing, ice fishing, geocaching, compass work and wall climbing.  

Home Ec- Home Ec includes meal planning and preparation, baking, nutrition guidelines and key concepts relating to proper health.

Phys Ed- Daily Phys Ed from 10:45am-11:45am. Bridges School offers all the traditional phys ed opportunities such as basketball, baseball, floor hockey, badmington and volleyball. In addition, students also learn curling, swimming and skating as a part of the phys ed program.

Exploratory- Bridges Staff pride themselves on "hands on"  group activities that provide real life meaningful learning experiences.  Exploratoy is very similar to what high schools refer to as "options".  Students at Bridges chose an option to explore over a three week period.  Exploratory options include: outdoor ed, photography, multimedia, shop, swimming lessons, wood carving, work experience, wall climbing and canoeing.  Exploratory takes place Mon-Wed from 1:45pm-3:00pm.

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